A modern take on the ancient Mahabharata with a modern touch and its hilarious


The ancient Mahabharata was quite popular and received many accolades and still we can’t get over it because of its realistic presentation. It’s some or the other scene is still in remembrance and the famous was Arjun marrying Draupadi with hitting the fish eye and brought her home where Mother Kunti unknowingly declared that she Draupadi will be distributed among her five sons and this seems to be carried on forward by today’s film makers who have touched the topic and brought some humor in it that made us to have a worth watch and here’s what Akshat Verma, the writer of Delhi Belly did to this particular story in the format of a short film which stars Neena Gupta, Aditi Rao Hydari, Arunoday Singh, Razzak khan and others.

The story starts with Arjun bringing in Draupadi aka Aditi Rao Hydari to home after wedding her from a competition of hitting fish eye and thereafter he introduces her newlywed bride to her mother Kunti aka Neena Gupta who as usual without knowing said that whatever Arjun had won, should be distributed among the five brothers and from here starts the real battle of Arjun who is no mood to share Draupadi, a mother who is bound by her words and Draupadi who is some real tricky playing girl of having the five brothers at her finger tips.

The main plot begins when the new generation Draupadi begins her game to flat every brother while on the other side, the guy, Arjun tried hard to convince every brother of him and make them understand that before their mother, they all reject his rightfully wedded wife. Bhim who is presently a gymnast and is in company with Hidimba while Nakul and Sehdev are costume designers and Yudhishtir is still a gambler with the odd company as Razzak Khan with the main head playing Shakuni in the film.

However as the story reached its climax, the final decision ended as Draupadi still playing while others are keen to be happy in their lives.

The presentation has surely made this short film a worth watch.


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