A New Country artist Sahil Batra is doing amazingly well now in the music field

A New Country artist Sahil Batra is doing amazingly well now in the music field
Pic: Facebook

How would you react when you come across news of someone young and new overtaking famous personalities in being more popular? Surprised and shocked right!!

Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town would certainly feel jealous of this amazing 21 year old kid named Sahil Batra who had gone above them on iTunes.

It is now confirmed that this youngster maiden music album named’’ Jet Trails EP’’ peaked at no 38 on the iTunes country album chart in the month of February and was ahead of other famous music personalities like Aldean, Underwood etc. This news would not surprise those who had seen him write songs and play guitar since his childhood days as they know that he is special.

It must be noted that this 21 year old Sahil is a student of Economics from Vanderbilt University in Nashville. The fact is this Sahil wrote and performed all four songs and mixed them on his own and for this he must be given huge credit.

Coming within top 40 is great thing and Sahil felt happy and proud that he could achieve this as he was dreaming this ever since he was in High school student. Bro-country is a contemporary style that was made popular by artists like Aldean, Sheldon etc is known now and Sahil prefers the contemporary style.

Sahil Batra was of the view that selling many music albums at a specific time when other famous artists were not releasing their albums would increase his popularity. Great thought!!

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