A new look for Howrah station- From Gabbar Singh to DDLJ’s Simran

Pic: indianexpress.com

It is not a surprise that people always follow their favourite film stars rather than the real heroes of their life. The railway department has very well understood the pulse of the people and has introduced a new concept in Howrah station for following the cleanliness.

The station has got a new astonishing look with the Bollywood posters. The posters are with the powerful dialogues from the films with little twist. From Gabbar Singh to DDLJ’s Simran, the posters have used powerful Bollywood symbols with a sense of humour to drive home the point of cleanliness as a part of Swachh Bharat initiative.

All those posters are truly inspiring. You can guess the power of it when it is from Big B’s movie. Yes it reads, ‘DEEWAR par mat thukna’ – which urges people not to spit on walls.

The one from Sholay’s Gabbar Singh is mind blowing – ‘Arey o Samba, kitna jurmana rakhe hai Sarkar, gandagi felane par? 500 rupey’ – highlighting the fine for littering.

It shows the creativity in the minds of people who initiated the idea on behalf of Eastern Railways.

People now a days are not reluctant to change, instead they are welcoming the change. It can be seen from the reaction of passengers who seemed to be welcoming the move by the Railway Ministry.

“The posters have a great sense of humour and it’s a terrific idea to spread the message of cleanliness among the passengers in this way. An initiative of this sort will help the railway station remain cleaner,” said Pralay Laha, a passenger.

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