A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s Motivational Tips on Empowerment Cycle

Pic: cornerstone-group.com

When the child is empowered by the parents, at various phases of growth, the child transforms into a responsible citizen.

When the teacher is empowered with knowledge and experience, good young human beings with value systems take shape.

When individual or a team is empowered with technology, transformation to higher potential for achievement is assured.

When the leader of any institution empowers his or her people, leaders are born who can change the nation in multiple areas.

When the women are empowered, society with stability gets assured.

When the politcal leaders of the nation empower the people through visionary policies, the prosperity of the nation is certain.

The medium for transformation to developed India is the empowerment at various levels with power of knowledge.

A roadmap of realising this vision of developed India is in front of us.

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