A successful entrepreneur with a great influential thinking: The Story of Ray Dalio

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It takes hard work and dedication to be counted amongst the most influential people in the world and with full concentration, it can be achieved. Ray Dalio is one of the people who has been in the list of the most influential people in the world for the past three years. Ray Dalio is the founder, chairman and co-chief investment officer (CIO) of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest and most successful hedge funds worlds. A self-made billionaire, Dalio is best known in the investing world for consistently high performance of the funds he oversees as well as his unique perspectives on investing and company culture. Dalio ensures that Bridgewater Associates remain at the top.

Here’s the life story of Ray Dalio.

Early life

Dalio was born in the Jackson heights neighborhood of Queens, a New York man through and through. Dalio was born to a Jazz musician and from the beginning, he was very business minded. At an early age, he managed to triple his initial investment after the shares he bought multiplied threefold.


As a student, Dalio was very poor in studies and carried a much little interest in education. Dalio later pursued his B.A. from Long Island University before getting an MBA degree from Harvard school of Business.

First career

Upon graduation, Dalio took a job as a risk consultant to commodities producers for a brokerage. Previously he developed an interest in commodities future during a summer job working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He continued trading commodities futures for his personal account.


Dalio started Bridgewater associates in two-bedroom apartment as an advisory firm. Fresh out of work, Dalio began the work with some of the known clients he made from his previous work and he began producing a regular newsletter with market briefings and investment notes which opened new ways for his advisory form.


Though Dalio had come up with the idea of newsletters to expand his business but this came out to be a successful step of Dalio. The quick popularity of the newsletter resulted in a growing list of corporations, pension funds and others willing to pay Dalio for his insights. Dalio’s popularity and reputation had grown so much that even World Bank was convinced by him.

The hit hard

The world’s biggest hedge fund got hit hard to start the year. In the first half of the year, the Bridgewater associates LP’s flagship hedge fund was down despite of the fact that the company was doing well and that marks the worst start of the year but Dalio managed the Bridgewater associates and again raised the funds for the company.

Battle with New York Times

Dalio had given a new height to his company and everything was going well when the New York Times reported about the company as a sexual harassment place which contains sex and fear within its environment to which Dalio claimed as false allegations and stated that New York Times in actual is a distortion of reality as they have never been into the insights of Bridgewater associates.

An influential thinker and analyst

Dalio remains an influential thinker and analyst. While appearing at the World Economic Forum, Dalio shared some of life principles and corporate management thoughts which can help in success. Apart from this, Dalio also learnt Transcendental meditation from a Guru in India and consider it as the breaking path.

Inspirational figure

Dalio is an inspirational figure to many young entrepreneurs. He is self-made man serving many business heads. Dalio has a strong tendency to get used to the very bad things that would be shocking. He is known to be one of the shrewdest man in the game.

Dalio’s thought on Entrepreneurship

Dalio constantly probe the people who report to him and also encourages them back to probe him. In his words, he refered this as the success mantra for being a successful entrepreneur.

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