A young girl did unbelievable thing, after she was sold by her own father

A young girl did unbelievable thing, after she was sold by her own father

A 10 year girl old Yemeni girl, named Nada al-Ahdal claims that her parents to sell her into a forced marriage with a 26 year old man for $20000, something they are also doing with Nada’s elder sister who are 12 and 14 years of age. The young girl threatens to kill herself if she is forced into the marriage. Nada has escaped the child marriage pact twice her parents made for her.

She earlier posted a video which went viral and prompted coverage of Yemen’s continued child marriage. Al Ahdal accuses her parents of trying to get her married in exchange of money. Originally the video was recorder in Arabic but it is now translated into English with English captions. In the video she says, ”It’s true that I ran away from my family. Can’t live with them anymore enough. I want to go live with my uncle. What about the innocence of childhood? What have the children done wrong? Why do you marry them off like that?”

Nada said that she wanted to continue her study, so a week before marriage she fled to her uncle. She even said that she would prefer committing suicide rather than being married off. She thinks she has fled ignorance and not that marriage. Her parents told her that marriage is a game where she will be turned to a servant. Yemen has already seen the high suicide rates among the young brides. Her uncle however has a different view of marriages than her father

Nada’s claim has given rise to the discussion of child marriage in international media. Right now the concern is all about protecting the child. The little girl has raised questions about the child welfare and issues of child marriage which need to be answered now.


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