Adam Barkworth- This autistic teen’s life has changed now because of Pokemon Go game

Adam Barkworth- This autistic teen’s life has changed now because of Pokemon Go game

One mobile game that has caught the attention of many all over is this Pokemon Go. This game had created great impact on the people like never before and many are highly addicted to this game.

It is said that there are also some benefits in this addiction. A boy named Adam Barkworth struggles with anxiety and is not normal. It is now said that mother of this autistic Adam Barkworth downloaded this Pokemon Go. The great news is Adam is now moving out of the house and is socializing with many people for the first time in his life and this had made her very happy. This 17 year old Adam Barkworth from Great Manchester is now very fond of this Pokemon Go like other youngsters. Jan Barkworth the caring mother of Adam was surprised that the mobile game Pokemon Go could turn the life of her autistic son.

She felt happy to see her son come along greatly ever since she downloaded this amazing game. It is now known that this Pokemon Go makes people go outside and catch Pokemon by using GPS technology. It is clear that Adam Barkworth would not leave the house bedroom before and he used to sit with his family members inside the house. The latest good news is this Adam has started to go to park to play this mobile game. One amazing point to note is Adam visited a pub with his family persons and had great time there with others. Superb news!!

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