Advay Ramesh- He won $10000 scholarship from Google and his project to help fishermen is superb

Advay Ramesh- He won $10000 scholarship from Google and his project to help fishermen is superb

Youngsters do many great things for the benefit of others these days. One boy named Advay Ramesh had won the Google’s Community Impact Award and the great thing to be noted is he got selected from thousands of projects. Superb isn’t it!!

It is now said that there were projects from107 nations and this Advay Ramesh got the award from Asia. It is known that Google has been organising Science Fair so that science and engineering would be utilized by the students for the betterment. What caught the attention of the judges at the scince fair is Advay’s project was based on the fisherman belonging to Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. It is now clear that this Advay Ramesh had news regarding the lives of fishermen in that place and the issues they face like getting arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy as they cross the boundary line.

Advay expressed his delight on getting this award from Google and said that it would help him to learn and know more and he also spoke about how he wanted to develop his idea more in the future. It must be noted that his project titled ‘’FisherMen Life Terminal’’ or FELT by this tenth class student was simply superb as application of GPS was utilized for the safety and productivity of the community of fishermen. The latest news is this boy also got a scholarship of 10,000 USD for his project on fishermen apart from being mentored by Scientific American for a year so that his project could be developed further. Great news!!

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