Age doesn’t matter for Indian Youth – 10 Indian CEOs under 25

Entrepreneurship, Starting New Companies, this passion is catching up among Indian youth. Young kids are hungry to do something. They want to do something which could change the way we live. We are producing list of India’s 10 Youngest CEO’s under the age of 25.

1) Subhas Gopinath founded the IT multinational firm Global INC and became its CEO in 3 years at the age of 17 to be named the world’s youngest CEO at the time

Indias Youngest CEOs - subhas gopinath

2) Shravan andSanjay Kumaran, aged 10 and 12 founded the mobile applications company GoDimensions and became its president and CEO respectively

Indias Youngest CEOs - sanjay kumaran

3) Sindhuja Rajaraman, 14 is the CEO of a successful animation company in Chennai

Indias Youngest CEOs - Sindhuja Rajaraman

4) Farhad Acidwala started his own company by borrowing 500 bucks and buying a domain name only to find himself the CEO of his venture Rockstah Media, just a year later

Indias Youngest CEOs - farrhad acidwalla

5) Arjun Rai has been honing his entrepreneurship skills since the age of 7 by holding garage sales and selling stuff from his house, only to head his ventures like Canvs+ and The bizDen

Indias Youngest CEOs - arjun rai

6) Mrityunjay Bhadauria, on the lower side of 25 founded his successful company EduKinect and became its CEO despite emotional oppositions from his family and swanky job offers from Microsoft and Siemens

Indias Youngest CEOs - mrityunjay bhadauria

7) Raviteja Govindaraju, decided to drop out of IIT placements in his attempt to start-up and become the CEO of his venture, Folktales to market Hyderabadi merchandise

Indias Youngest CEOs - raviteja govindaraju

8) Chinmay Rajula, a 2013 graduate from IIIT-H founded ClapOne while he wasn’t even 23, currently being the Director/CEO of the same

Indias Youngest CEOs - chinmay rajula

9) Pallav Bajjuri, just on the verge of continuing to pursue his MBA right after graduation, founded and headed Saddahaq, one of India’s best social journalism platforms

Indias Youngest CEOs - pallav bajjuri

10) Sasikanth Chemalamudi, CEO of Habits at 23, a creative learning resources company which encourages creative thinking with the help of educational materials like music, plays etc

Indias Youngest CEOs - sasikanth chemalamudi


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