Air pollution in China forcing them to buy “Fresh Air”

Air pollution in China forcing them to buy Fresh Air-1

Fresh air

Frrrresh air…pronouncing the phrase itself gives the feeling of freshness. No wonder everyone loves fresh air. Nowadays, people living in big cities and towns desperate that they do not have fresh air around them. It is true; the whole atmosphere is loaded heavily with all kinds of pollutants.

Air pollutants

The air pollution is caused due to the high concentration of Particulate Matter (PM), which is the sum of all the solid and liquid particles suspended in air. The atmospheric air becomes very toxic due to high levels of PM concentration. They start to trigger a number of severe atmospheric ills.

Air pollution in China forcing them to buy Fresh Air-1

Health hazards

Also health is badly affected by the air pollutants. Respiratory illnesses like asthma, lung cancer are caused due to prolonged exposure to such pollutants since it penetrates deeply into lungs. It is very difficult for the people having respiratory problem to do their daily chores. They use masks to avoid the pollutants from entering into their respiratory tracts.

Affects earth’s ecosystem

Researchers warn that atmosphere cannot withstand more of our abuse without causing any harm — not only to humans but also to the ecosystem of the planet.

Air pollution in China forcing them to buy Fresh Air-1


China is badly affected by air pollution. Few days back, Beijing recorded its smog level beyond 300 AQI (Air Quality Index), which is considered as ‘very unhealthy’. The snaps captured at that time show thick clouds of smog blanketing the city. Many other cities of China like Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Changchun and Xian are also suffering from such air hazards. People long for fresh air in such places.

Fresh air bottles

The pollution problem has become very worse in China, as people have started looking for fresh air. A Canadian company named a Vitality Air has looked at the situation in a business way. It had started selling bottled air and had found a good market for its product.

In 2013, a multimillionaire in China sold pop-sized cans of air purportedly taken from less industrialized regions of China for five yuan (£0.50) each.

Owner of a restaurant in Zhangjiagang fitted air filtration machines in his building and has started charging customers for fresh air.

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