Ajay Bhatt – He’s the man who invented the USB!

The Universal Serial Bus (USB), the ‘pen-drive’ as everyone now prefers to call it, has big importance in our lives. The seemingly small device is usually packed up with all kinds of files and data, and gets carried around everywhere. However, have you or anyone spared time to wonder: Who created the pen drive?


Well, the gentleman is an Indian and his name is Ajay Bhatt.

World’s Favorite Gadget

At the time Bhatt was in the works of developing this device, he wouldn’t have envisioned the craze it would eventually become. As of now, there are around 10 billion USB devices world-over. And it’s amazing that the device has never gone out of demand since it came first came out in the  90s’ decade.

The Man Behind the Gadget

The idea for the USB came Ajay 25 years ago, when he was working with Intel. He had been trying to install a multimedia card into his computer and then he got hit with the idea for a universal port for peripheral devices. The man had no idea that his idea would become one of the redefining moments for technology!

Not Easy to get Done

Ajay spent 6 years trying to get the device into play. It was a long time but the effort proved worthwhile.

In Low Profile

A graduate from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and a holder master’s degree from the City University of New York, Bhatt currently serves as the Chief Client Platform Architect at Intel. Regardless of his innovative doings in the tech arena, the man isn’t much known about.

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