Ajay Jayaram: Badminton world’s unsung hero but rising star

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Ajay Jayaram’s lofty exploits in Badminton

In a country starving for Cricket ever since the game’s inception and meteoric rise in the 70s, the average definition of an Indian sports-star has always been related to the glories and achievements earned on the cricket field.

There is little space reserved for plaudits and accomplishments of other sportspersons hailing from the other games that also hold as much rigor and intensity as that of Cricket. But, it isn’t the fault of our cricketers perhaps. Someone, somewhere needs to correct the biased and faulty thinking of our admirers of sports who sadly reserve the right to hail and credit most of the amazing achievement to sporting greats from the domain of Cricket. This is simply undoing the milestones legendary sports icons come to attain in other games such as Soccer, Basketball, Rifle Shooting, Chess, Tennis, Hockey and others.

Badminton, on the other hand, a sport that is rigorous and compelling as much as cricket too boasts of some lofty names as that of Cricket’s gargantuan league but it’s stars, such as the ever lovely and celebrated Saina Nehwal, Jwala Gutta today command headlines for their checkered exploits. This is now but there was a time when the name of a certain Pulela Gopichand, one of the greatest Badminton exponents India has ever produced commanded immense respect aside from say, Prakash Padukone.

But in the often surreal but tectonic world of a highly enjoyable and greatly love sport called Badminton, there are many youngsters whose stars are burning brightly on the game’s lofty horizon.

One such young and upcoming stars from the incorruptible and crucial Badminton world, a game truly in its league is that of Ajay Jayaram’s, the 27 year old star performer from India.

Ajay Jayaram’s rise and ascendancy in Badminton

Born in Chennai, but living in the IT world of Bangalore, easily one of the most prominent metro cities of India, is Ajay Jayaram. He is only 27 and has already been regarded among India’s best and finest Olympic level athelete.

At present, Ajay also represents the Hyderabad HotShots in the popular Indian Badminton League, perhaps the only real albeit small sized free lancing franchise for Indian Badminton players when compared to cricket’s heavyweight IPL series, which for the want of extracting pure talent from rising cricketers, also rewards them mightily.

A life of focus and immense discipline

Working ever so hard at realizing his dream to represent India at the upcoming Olympics at China, Ajay Jayram can often be willingly seen squaring up days and nights, practicing hard with his current coach and guide Tom John at Bangalore.

Up to his 6 to 7 year old career, our man from South India, one who smiles shyly and remains focused on the game day, has been a passionate achiever at some very prestigious stages in international competitions of Badminton.

Winning his maiden Dutch Open Grand Prix in 2014, Ajay has also accumulated many meaningful glories in many challenging competitions such as the Yonex French Open super series where he reached the Quarter Finals. He was also the Quarter-finalist at the Yonex Sunrise Hong Kong Super Series and the semi finalist at the Li Ling China Masters, a competition where only the real greats and vastly explosive talents come to muster worldwide attention.

His charm and talent is easily determined by the passion in his eyes and Ajay seldom disappoints by losing a game when he is already on a winning edge, having made a competition on his own.

Still, his greatest strength lies in the ability to focus for long hours, something that has only escalated his potential and power to succeed. A simple man who is determined to scale big heights and one who carries bundles of self-confidence, it remains to be seen what glories can he fetch for India while he has already made waves internationally, in a sport that demands supreme competition and great fitness of its contestants. We are sure, Ajay Jayaram with all his confidence and pure talent will take India to many heights in Badminton.

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