Ajit Babu: A Dyslexia Man who owns Two Companies now

Ajit Babu A Dyslexia Man who owns Two Companies now

Most people would have given up if they had cerebral palsy and dyslexia but not Ajit Babu. This 26 year old Ajit Babu is now inspiration to many others. Ask Life Hack Innovation company staffs they would tell. He founded this company and also has two other start-ups.

Ajit Babu was born in the year 1989 and was found to have cerebral palsy and dyslexia. A NGO named Spastics Society of Karnataka was responsible for making Ajit’s parents aware of his health condition. The parents were guided in the right direction. It must be noted that this NGO is involved actively with people having neurological disorders and developmental disabilities.

He joined Kristu  Jayanti College in Bangalore as he had lots of interest in writing and journalism and soon he dropped out of the college as he was not able to cope with the subjects. Ajit Babu then moved from one job to another. Being bored of these jobs he decided to start on his own.

Dream Click Concepts was thus born in the year 2009, an advertising firm. Soon he joined hands with another firm founded by his friend and helped his friends company in marketing field. His dad wanted him to apply for Railways job in the disabled quota category and Ajit hated that idea.

Earthquake in Nepal gave him the idea to start a new venture and thus the emerged Life Hack Innovation firm aimed at bringing renewable energy into daily lives of common man. Fund for setting up the firm was got from his 15 to 20 friends and amount of seven to eight lacs was collected and finally Ajit’s dream became reality.

It must be said that the company at present is focussed on a portable power bank functioning with help of solar and wind energy but chargeable with electricity. The main idea behind the firm was to speed up the time taken to charge the portable power bank. He wanted to develop a power bank that would run on solar and being cheap. Ajit also incorporated ‘’jugaad’’, a hindi translation of life hack,so that the power bank could charged without any problem. Power bank now has a fan outside and energy got is used to charge it.

Now wants to start more companies slowly. He wants to show the world what he’s capable of and doesn’t want any sympathies for his health condition. Ajit rocks!!

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