Akanksha Job Switch, Raj Nayak: Going viral for all the right reasons

Akanksha Job Switch, Raj Nayak Going viral for all the right reasons

An unexpected thing happen between a biggie who is a known CEO and a small girl who is just a student has changed their profiles for just a day and that was no ordinary day. It was the occasion of Teacher’s day , the day when something big happened.

It all goes like this when Akanksha, a student of small age group happened to be at Viacom’s office and met Mr. Raj Nayak, the CEO of Viacom over there. She was called by him and they had some very intriguing conversation between them in his cabin and the very next unexpected thing that happened was a result in profiles to which both of them readily accepted. Whereas Raj Nayak was supposed to be a one day teacher at the school and teach a full class, on the other side the girl Akanksha became the CEO of Viacom and that too just for a day. Here’s what happened.

Akanksha made it early morning at Viacom’s office and as she told everyone that she will be going to be the CEO of the company with Raj Nayak’s permission and as everyone was surprised at this sudden job change. Akanksha told everyone that all will going to report her for today as Mr. Raj Nayak is in her school and had taken the responsibility to teach a class.

Employees at the Viacom office greeted Akanksha as well as presented their future plans of shows to her like what would be they doing it and how will be execution and all while Mr. Raj Nayak on other side in school taught students about various things and according to him this happened after a very long time and felt great to him as well. He told students about the job switch too.

Well that ended happily as a proud initiative happened for a good cause on Teacher’s day.

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