Akash Mukherjee, Donates Piggybank Money To Nepal Quake Victims (HT News)

Akash Mukherjee donates piggybank money for nepal earthquake2


A 12-year-old boy who once donated close to Rs 1 lakh to a welfare home run by Mother Teresa’s organisation has handed over the contents of his piggy bank for the relief of victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Akash Mukherjee donates piggybank money for nepal earthquake


Over the past year, Akash Mukherjee – who shares his birthday with Mother Teresa – had been setting aside part of his pocket money every day in a piggy bank to buy sports gear.

On Tuesday, the Class VII student of St Xavier’s School didn’t think twice before breaking open the earthen piggy-bank and donating the amount of Rs 3,563 he had saved to the Nepalese consulate in Kolkata. (Source: Hindustan Times, Read Full Story)

12 year Kolkata boy donates piggybank money to Nepal quake victims (Malaysia News)