Aki Kumar- This 36 year old Indo-American has stunned many with his great interest in blues music and is making noises

Pic: bandwhere.com

Aki Kumar is in the news now. It must be noted that this Aki Kumar at the age of just 18 in the year 1998 went to USA. He wanted to become a software engineer at that time. Later Aki Kumar became fascinated by the music of Howling Wolf and of blues clubs in San Francisco, USA. As a result of that he focused in the field of music and has made a mark in his blues music career. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It is interesting to note that in his new CD titled ‘’Aki Goes to Bollywood’’ both Hindustani music as well as blues are fused and it is superb to hear. Aki Kumar spoke about he was more passionate towards blues music rather than the Hindustani style of music. Aki Kumar always considered him as the blues musician and not as the Bollywood singer and this has surprised many. He also expressed his great interest in blues music and said the more he hears blues music the more he would appreciate other music styles also.

Aki Kumar also shared his thoughts on how blues music was responsible for many things in his life and how it helped him to bring out the musical talent inside him. He commented about the presence of heavy swing when he heard the blues in the song ‘’Eena Meena Deeka’’ from the film. This Aki Kumar has made his presence felt in many blue joints like San Francisco Biscuits and Blues, Poor House Bistro of San Jose etc and made superb impact on many. The good news now is this Aki Kumar would be performing on 2nd of October 2016, Sunday at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass at Porch Stage at 4PM. Great Aki Kumar!!

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