Akshay Kumar in ABP News’ Press Conference

Akshay Kumar in ABP News' Press Conference

Akshay Kumar a.k.a. Khiladi Kumar is one of those actors who are not only punctual but physically fit also. He is one of the actor who go to sleep early and reaches on sets on time. People love his comedy, action, dance and stunts. He was guest on ABP News’ famous talk show Press Conference this week.

Most important quality of Akshay Kumar is that he’s not only a good human being but also a truthful and honest person. Whenever he speaks, he speaks from heart. He will not give you ‘Jalebi’ type Gol-Mol answer as we call in Punjabi. He will give you straight answer.

In this interview you will admire him the way he has put forward his views on various current issues without any hesitance or without becoming diplomatic. He not only answered all the 5 rapid fire questions right but also made this interview full with fun. A must watch not only for Akshay Kumar fans but also for those who think India has become ‘Intolerant’.


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