Alan Barnes- This Gateshead victim remembers the day when he was attacked by Richard Gatiss


January 25th in the year 2015 would never been forgotten by Alan Barnes because on that day this Alan Barnes was attacked by man named Richard Gatiss. This attack on Alan Barnes took place when he left his bungalow in Gateshead. It must be noted that this Alan Barnes did not even imagine in his dreams that he would get 300000 pounds for being attacked.

Richard Gatiss injured Alan Barnes in his collar bone and it was broken. This 68 year old Alan Barnes spoke his heart out regarding this unforgettable incident that shook him. Alan said that the incident made him to be recognized more than before and it was good that he was able to promote faith in Christianism. He spoke about how he was knocked to the ground by Gatiss who even stole money from his pockets.

It must be mentioned here that Katie Cutler played great role in providing support for this 4ft 6 in tall Alan Barnes. It must be noted that she set up an online money raising fund for his sake. Though the amount was expected to be 500 pounds initially the amount rose to staggering 330,000 pounds because of contributions of many people. Alan moved to a house in old Durham road and he paid 115,000 pounds for purchasing that house.

By this he was living an independent life as he was not happy to live on the benefits previously. These days Alan Barnes is seen talking to many people and goes to church regularly. He wants to donate some money to the charity later. Superb!!

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