Alex Staniforth- This young motivational speaker from UK would be climbing Cho Oyu in Himalayas

Alex Staniforth- This young motivational speaker from UK would be climbing Cho Oyu in Himalayas

Alex Staniforth from Cheshire in United Kingdom is a famous motivational speaker cum adventurer cum writer who has been responsible for turning many lives with his tremendous motivational speeches. It is interesting to note that this 20 year old Alex Staniforth had twice attempted to climb Mt Everest which is the tallest mountain in this world with its peak at mammoth 8848 feet above the sea level.

The great news about this amazing man is he had returned to world’s highest mountain range now. It must not be forgotten that previously Alex Staniforth was caught in avalanche on Mt Everest.

It happened in the month of April in the year 2015 when he was on his second attempt to reach the summit of Mt Everest an avalanche killed the lives of 22people and the worst part is it also killed the lives of three persons who belonged to Alex team. It is now confirmed that an earthquake was the cause for this huge avalanche and at that time he was in Khumbu Icefall in Himalayas.

It is well known that Cho Oyu is the 6th highest mountain in the world and it has peak that is 8201 metres above the sea level. This mountain is located 20kms west to Mt Everest and has been attracting many people. The latest news is this Alex is trying to climb this Cho Oyu and it started on 28th august after his intensive training process. He feels highly exited regarding this and wanted to explore more after being trained for it. According to him adversity teaches many things in life. Superb Alex Staniforth!!

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