Alex- This boy of age six has written a letter to US President Obama and has proved that humanity still exists and he is sensational


A young boy has touched the hearts of many and particularly USA President Barrack Obama with his superb letter and he is spoken greatly by many all over. This young boy we are talking about is just six year old named Alex who has written a letter to USA President Obama regarding adopting a Syrian refugee and he further mentioned that this refugee would be his brother in their family. Incredible isn’t it!!

It must be noted that this has gone viral and the young Alex has become cynosure of many eyes with his humanitarian nature at such young age. This was brought to light when USA President Barrack Obama read the letter at the UN Summit on the refugee crisis. It is superb that the video has been shared more than 60000 times on the FB pages. It is now clear that the letter asked Obama to get the boy who was taken by ambulance in Syria.

The boy Alex wanted Obama to pick that refugee so that he would be able to take the refugee boy to his home where he and his sister would make him feel comfortable. The letter has touched Obama deeply and he said that everybody must be like this Alex.

The Syrian boy Omran suffered injuries when a bomb exploded in his house and he was sitting alone in an ambulance covered with blood and dust and this made Alex to write a letter. The good news about Omran is he was reunited with his family and doctor who treated him was surprised that he did not cry inspite of having serious injuries. Superb Alex!!

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