All you need to know about India’s Leading Blogger Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud

All you need to know about India’s Leading Blogger Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud

Started in December 2008, is one of India’s leading website of an Individual Blogger. Harsh Agrawal, young man of less than 30 years owns this website and he earns more than any top level CEO in the country. One of the interesting fact is he shares all his income information on his website every month.

ShoutMeLoud has more than 8 lac followers on Social Media. Articles from this website are read by millions of people every month. Harsh Agrawal started his corporate job a decade back but soon got bore with 9 to 6 timings. Engineering Graduate from Sharda University, Harsh was first placed with Accenture. He wanted to do something at his own so he started blogging. Initially he started his blog as a hobby but later it became a big commercial success.

When he was building his blog from a startup to professional one, it wasn’t an easy task for him. He borrowed money from his friends to manage servers and other technicalities.

ShoutMeLoud provides more than 90% information on how to make money online. Every article on ShoutMeLoud provides detailed information and is updated regularly to meet any kind of changes. Other Bloggers trust ShoutMeLoud tips and tricks and they prefer to work accordingly for their blogs.

Thousands of like-minded Bloggers are connected with each other through ShoutMeLoud. They keep on sharing information and updates which becomes very valuable for larger blogging community. Now days since content has become king hence many Startups, Entrepreneurs are also taking guidance from Harsh.

Harsh Agrawal’s blogging story is a success. He believes that now it’s time to give back to society. He loves travelling. He loves sharing information with his followers on Social Media.

Harsh works with a team of freelancers. He doesn’t want to get trapped into ‘office’ kind of environment and rather want to work with utmost freedom and in unconventional way.

Harsh is big fan of affiliate marketing. In fact if you go through his website you will see many articles on affiliate marketing and also he has written a book (believe in PDF) on affiliate marketing. Since his business has grown now so he has ventured into some associated businesses also.

Harsh strongly believes that blogging is a fun but serious thing because “words have the power to change the world.” He accepts that blogging requires combination of hard work and smart work. Writing is surely hard work but choosing kind of articles requires smart work.

Harsh Agrawal is a big motivator to existing and aspiring bloggers. We wish him all the very best.

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