All you need to know about SSC-CGL jobs: work profile, benefits, and stress

The SSC-CGL is one of the most important exams for any candidate hoping to secure a place in some of the top ranks in the central government. Every year lakhs of candidate gear up to sit for the exams. The security and stature of the jobs along with the high paying salary all come together to make one of the most critical competitive exams for any candidate. Here is a brief rundown of the job profiles of the top posts, their benefits and stress.

Work profiles of the top posts of SSC-CGL

Knowing about the top positions offered by the exam will help you make an informed decision about selecting the right ones according to your preference. The following are some of the top posts along with their job profiles.

  1. Assistant Section Officer: This is one of the most significant assistant posts on offer through SSC-CGL. As part of your job profile, you are one of the vital links between the Central Secretariat and the parliament and that is especially when it comes to dealing with Assurances and Government Bills, parliament questions.
  2. Inspector of Income Tax: This crucial job profile entails assessing, processing, and verifying the Income-tax records of different business concerns and individuals. You will also be conducting raids to required location.
  3. Inspector (Central Excise): The duty of Inspector of Central Excise revolves around inspection of the returns/taxes filled by different companies, processing the data, verification of the claims submitted, maintaining the records, and so on. Occasional field visits are also part of the job.
  4. Assistant Enforcement Officer (Revenue): It bears similarity to the role of an inspector, and that means this also involves inspection, prevention, and arresting of those who are into forgery, money laundering, and similar offenses.
  5. Auditor Posts: There are two sections of auditor posts: one is under Comptroller and Auditor General of India and the other is under Controller General of Defense Accounts. In the later one, you will mainly be auditing the accounts of air force and army.
  6. Accountant/Jr. Accountant: This job comes under Comptroller and Auditor General of India and it involves a great deal of paperwork, auditing for various organizations, and field visit to different organizations.
  7. Tax Assistant: This job comes under the Central Board of Direct Taxation and it involves a lot of valuable desk work. You will carry out assessments, verifications, and modifications of any data related to the taxes of a business or an individual.

The top benefits enjoyed by an SSC officer

The jobs that you can get after cracking SSC-CGL are not just great in their money prospects, but there are several other perks associated with it.

A fair salary: Given the job profile you get, and the work pressure that you need to handle, a highly respectable salary is offered to all SSC officers. When you compare the salary that you draw with other sectors, you will understand the benefits that you get by being an SSC recruited officer.

Health facilities: The Government takes care of your medical bills in a major way as you are entitled to the benefits of Central Government Health Scheme. This means that you and your family will be able to avail free treatment in most of the leading health centers and hospitals of the country.

Gratuity benefits: This is a sum of money given to the officers by the government in gratitude for the service that they provide. It acts as a good saving after you retire from the services.

Vacation benefits: You will get LTC to travel within India at certain intervals and for that government will bear the prices of your train or flight fares.

Travel allowances: As an employee of the central government, you are eligible for transport allowances. Though it depends on the place where you are posted, you will undoubtedly get a sufficient amount every month.

Mobile phone allowances: In some posts, certain calls and free SIM cards also come as a package and you are given a certain amount every month for this purpose.

Social status: An SSC Officer is held in very high esteem by the society, so the prestige and respect come as part and parcel of the job. Besides, it is a stable job that people can hold on to for life in the absence of any major misconduct.

Paid leaves: You get an adequate number of leaves in a year like the medical leaves, privilege leaves, and casual leaves which are all paid leaves. Women are entitled to an extended and paid maternity leave which is very necessary for their health.

The stress factor related to the SSC Officer jobs

Any job that you take up after cracking SSC-CGL is going to come with a lot of duties and responsibilities. You need to be prepared to work hard in any post that you are in. However, the stress that you will feel is nothing that you will not be able to handle. In fact, it will have the job more exciting and stimulating to you. Also, it is not like there are continuous stressful conditions at the jobs of SSC Officers. Such situations do come up occasionally, and they need to be handled with the calmness of mind and tact. You will enjoy learning the new methods and techniques of the job. All in all, these are very fulfilling jobs whichever aspect you look at it from.

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