Alok Sharma- This British lawmaker gets Junior Minister post under new UK Prime Minister

Alok Sharma- This British lawmaker gets Junior Minister post under new UK Prime Minister

This would certainly make all Indians in United Kingdom feel happy. A person named Alok Sharma has been named Parliamentary Undersecretary of the state at the Foreign and Commercial Wealth Office, FCO.

It is confirmed that he is now only the second Indian-origin minister in Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet. It must be noted that this Alok Sharma had previously served as Infrastructure envoy of India in David Cameron’s government was named by Downing Street recently in the junior minister list.

The year 2010 is very important in the life of Alok Sharma as it was i this year he was elected to British parliament. It is amazing to note that he was once again elected in the year 2015 from Reading west. It is now clear that this Alok Sharma would associate with one Mr Boris Johnson who is appointed as foreign secretary recently. It is important to mention that he would be dealing Indian affairs in his new role in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Hugo Swire was the name of the minister who previously held this post but he had resigned. It is now known that Baroness Sandip Verma who played great role as Parliamentary Undersecretary of the State in the Department of International Development, DfiD in David Cameron’s government had also resigned. It is important to note that Priti Patel was appointed as the new Secretary of State in-charge of DfID. It is interesting to mention that Priti Patel has been a supporter of British exit from the European Union, EU whereas MP Sharma supported for Remain.

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