Amazing –a French man on mission to clean River Ganga


River Ganga is an amazing river. It flows through countries of India and Bangladesh. It is known that this river Ganga or Ganges is the most sacred river of Hindus and is worshipped widely. From western Himalayas regions of Uttarkhand this river Ganga flows towards North India and further to Bangladesh of about 2500 kms.

The shocking news is that this amazing river Ganges in the year 2007 was ranked fifth most highly polluted river ever. Worst news for all Indians!! It is known that Indian PM Narendra Modi’s government had taken many initiatives to make this river pure. Rs 2037crores had been allotted for this purpose of reviving this holy river.

Latest news is that a man from France is on the mission of cleaning this amazing river and he wants to spread awareness regarding this. This man named Chris O’Brien who had made many visits to India in the last ten years would drive a boat from Rishikesh to Kolkata and this journey would be for about 90 days.

It is said that he would be in the boat for two days and would drive the boat at speeds of 40kms in a day. It is also said that every two days where ever he would be present he would spread awareness about the cleanliness of river Ganga and its nearby places.

It must be noted that this Chris O’Brien was inspired by some people who were also doing similar types of cleaning activities. He has been getting training sessions to clean river Ganga. He would proceed to the famous Rishikesh and start his move towards Kolkata. Awesome work by Chris!! Way to go!!

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