Amazing Lalitha Subramanian has many friends in the police department

Amazing Lalitha Subramanian has many friends in the police department

Police officers are always regarded as very tough, rough and strict. But they too have kind heart is not known to many of us. Lalitha Subramanian is 82 years old and lives in Wadala village for past 20 years. It is said that she is not alone always. She has many people to help her and most importantly cops from Matunga police station. Amazing isn’t it!!

It must be noted that her kids are now well settled in Bangalore and in America. Her kids these days don’t worry much about their mother Lalitha Subramanian because they know that their mother has many police personnel to help her.

Recently on 3rd January on her 82nd birthday she had special visitors wishing her birthday wishes. The men from police department had come all the way with cake, flowers and gift items to wish their beloved friend.

It must be noted that the relation between police personnel and this women is unbelievable. These police men visit her house thrice a day and help her. She is popularly known as ‘’Mummy’’ to everybody.

The medication taken by Lalitha is also known to these policemen.  It must be noted that she suffers from asthma and when this problem increases the policemen helps her. She treats these police men as her own children due to the love and care they show towards her. It is now said that Matunga police these days have added one more feather to their caps of many glories. These police men by being kind and compassionate have proved everybody that they too have heart like others. Superb Matunga Police!! Great!!

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