Amazing news- Life is great and happy for couples who drink together

Amazing news- Life is great and happy for couples who drink together
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Who said drinking is always bad and creates many health issues and also other problems. It is now confirmed that as per new survey it has been found to the surprise of many that couples boozing together are said to live happier. Surpising isn’t it!!

According to the Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological series couples who drink together are happier with their partner when compared to those couples where one drinks and the other one just takes some types of food. It must be noted that as many as 4864 married couples were considered for the purpose of research and the average relationship was 33 years. Many questions were asked by the research team members to the married couples and these questions included the frequency with which the couples drink in a week and the quantity they consume every time they open the bottle.

To the surprise of the research team it was found that the quantity of liquor consumed and the frequency at which it is taken were not given importance but drinking liquor together was given importance by the couples. This is said to be the thing that binds the couples together for a long lasting married life. Drinking might be a big issue for some couples where one partner does not consume liquor while other consumes. In case of couples who both drink together this drinking is considered awesome as it is fun oriented and is responsible for sexual relationships. Surprising but true!!

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