Amazing news-Selling ugly fruits and vegetables this start up is just aamzing

Amazing news-Selling ugly fruits and vegetables this start up is just aamzing

Doing work that is unusual is never an easy task and it involves many issues. One start- up firm named Imperfect Produce in USA is doing this unusual business of selling ugly fruits and vegetables and is spoken by many now.

It is said that one in five vegetables and fruits grown in farms do not make it of the farm. The reason for that is they are not nice.

It is also said that in grocery store people want the vegetables and fruits to be in perfect shape and size to be purchased.

It must be noted that ugly products from the farms are brought at reduced 50% discount price and is sold to the customers by means of a weekly or biweekly box.

One important issue in the world is hunger. It is now said that preventing wastage of foods could fight this hunger issue also. It also provides great help to the environment.

One amazing point to note is one in six Americans don’t get enough food to eat. By recovering 15% of total waste food in USA hunger could be reduced to half its current percentage.

Imperfect deliver their products to 3500 customers. From the present Bay area this start-up Imperfect Produce would be delivering to their customers in all major cities of USA in the next 3 to 5 years of time period. Superb!!

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