Amazing news- The city of Kochi is the first ever in India to get Water Metro

Amazing news- The city of Kochi is the first ever in India to get Water Metro

Good news for all Kochi people. The latest news that could bring cheers on the faces of the people of Kochi is the city would soon become first in India where water connectivity would be developed as feeder service to the metro rail. It is now certain that new boats would be purchased for this new project and it would have transportation experience similar to the metro and would be known as ‘’Water Metro’’.

This 747 crores huge investment is the first instance where money is being used for improving urban water borne traffic of people. It is said that Kochi metro rail, Kerala government and Germany based funding agency KfW would come together and sign an agreement for this project. It is now confirmed that KfW would be providing financial aid for Rs 597 crores or 85 million and government of Kerala would give Rs 102 crores for this amazing project. It must be noted that two catamaran passenger boats with wireless internet and air-conditioned would be introduced and they would carry 50 and 100 people. Increased availability to jetties and increased mobility inside the islands are also being considered under this project and for that the access roads would be improved. Great news!!

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