Amazing!! Taking your dog to workplace benefits the company more

Amazing!! Taking your dog to workplace benefits the company more
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Most of us love being with our pets. It is always said that pets are the best companion one could get in lives. It is known that pets are not allowed to be taken to the office and other workspots.

June 24th is special day which is known as ‘’Take Your Dog to Work Day’’ where many take their dogs along with them to their places of work. In this video a small business expert named Susan Solovic shares her views regarding taking pet dogs to the work place and its other major advantages.

As per Susan the pet dogs reduces stress and increases more productivity. She also expressed her thoughts on certain things in making office pet friendly. She discusses few things like getting the team in board, setting paramaters for different types of animals etc.Susan is of the opinion that the pets could be kept in some place like retail areas at the back of the office etc so that the pets won’t be able to create issues inside the office. She also throws light over insurance policy and its coverage benefits so that if any problem takes place it would not be of great intensity. Superb!!

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