Amazing ‘’The Georgina Joshi Foundation” and its great work towards music

Amazing ‘’The Georgina Joshi Foundation'' and its great work towards music
Left Photo: Georgina Joshi in “La Cenerentola,” November 2004 Right Photo: Yatish Joshi and Louise Addicott-Joshi

Having state-of-art recording studio is a dream come true. Indian-American foundation ’’The Georgina Joshi Foundation Inc’’ has done amazingly in providing $1million to Indiana University’s Jacob School of Music to create state-of-art recording studio.

This studio has been named as ‘’Georgina Joshi Recording Arts Studio and would find its place in the extension of Musical Arts Centre. It is now said that Georgina’s passion for music would continue to live by means of many students whose life would become much better by the contribution made by Georgina Joshi.

It is also said that this studio would be of great help to not only music students but also to those involved in product designing, film production etc. Mr Gwyn Richards, Dean of Jacob School of Music was very happy regarding the contribution made by Georgina Joshi and said that audio recording and media production skills would certainly be enhanced by this state-of-art studio.

He also spoke about how every recording made in this studio would be a lasting tribute to Georgina Joshi’s passion for music and thanked Georgina’s parents Louise and Yatish Joshi for their kind help. It must be noted that Louise Joshi and Yatish Joshi have made many contributions towards music that includes musical education in Bloomington and South Bend campuses of Indiana University.

It must be noted that during her younger days in Jacobs School of Music Georgina Joshi wanted a recording studio as she and others could make good quality recordings. Now Louise is making the dream of his daughter come true by this amazing effort of funding $1million towards the studio.

Apart from the studio Georgina Joshi Foundation has extended its support in establishing Georgina Joshi Composition Award, Georgina Joshi Handelin performance Series Fund etc.

It must be noted that Indiana born Georgina Joshi got her bachelor’s degree from the famous Royal College of Music, London. At the time of her death she was doing masters in voice at Jacobs School of Music, Indiana. She also played her part as soloist.

It was said that this gift contributes to $ 2.5 billion campaign of IU. Georgina contributions of $1 million towards Five Friends Master series Class, $1.2million towards renovation of IU South Bend’s recital hall, $1million towards Georgina Joshi Handelin Performance Fund and $ 1 million for state-of-art studio recording studio are highly appreciated by one and all. Amazing Georgina and her outstanding contribution towards music!! You inspire many!!

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