Amazing work by teens in Ghaziabad for the New Year

Amazing work by teens in Ghaziabad for the New Year
New Year and its celebrations always go together. It is uncommon these days when a New Year is celebrated by teenaged people in a simple manner. What these teenaged from Ghaziabad had done would inspire many to do and follow them.
The group of teenagers wanted to do something for the New Year and their main aim was to spread love, joy and happiness to all. There by the event ‘’Sapney’’ took shape. It must be noted that many groups, peoples, other organizations joined hands with these teenagers to make the day just outstanding one to remember.
It was said that at a school in Ghaziabad on 3rd January 2016 around 60 kids were hosted and the event was organized by five NGOs and above 120 people attended with great interest. It must be noted that these 60 above kids were from weak socio-economic background and some were also physically and mentally disabled.
It was always said that the economically backward kids were not considered on par with other kids for long time. This community based event proved that these kids from the weak background do have roles to play in the society.
The event was based on the ‘’gift culture’’ and people were asked to share anything ranging from skills, clothes, snacks to ideas, art etc.
It turned out to be amazing event and 200 cloth pieces and 500 snack packets were collected from the people. It must be noted that over five sessions from origami to theatre were hosted totally free of cost by the teenagers.
Some memorable songs from the recently released film super hit film ‘’Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’’ were sung by the teenagers on the request from the kids. It was so memorable that all at the event sang, ate, and danced as a community without any prejudices. This event showed that the world is full of good people ready to join when something good done.
It was also said that venue of this event had no advertisement, banners etc but was decorated with kites with themes like ‘’Dekh Dosth’’ etc. Team from ABES engineering college, Samvaad theatre performed before the kids but it seemed that the kids could not understand what the play was all about as it was satire based.
Team from NGO Help Us Help The Child joined hands with the teenagers and others and made it a grand event. It must be noted that Ms Indu Varshney of Bharat Vikas Parishad was able to share some valuable points with these kids. Superb work!!

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