Amway-Production facility in India for the first time ever

Amway-Production facility in India for the first time ever

Amway established in the year 1959 in Michigan, SA, is involved in selling of number of products by using multi level marketing process. Two persons Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos were responsible for launching of this Amway. In the year 2014 its revenue touched 11.8 billion USD. Various products that are dealt by this Amway are personal products, health products, jewellery, insurance, cosmetics etc.

It must be noted that this Amway had launched its first manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu with an initial investment of Rs 550crores. It was inaugurated by Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Jayalaitha at Nilakottai, Madurai. It was said that this plant would provide job opportunities to around 500 people directly apart from providing jobs to around 1000 people in indirect manner also. It must be noted that China and Vietnam are other two countries apart from India that has got production facilities outside USA.

Anshu Budhiraja, Chief executive, Amway India was of the view that amount of Rs 800 crores have been invested by Amway in India. Amway is also at present responsible for income of 550000 Amway distributors or independent business owners. It was also said that Amway in India would be targeting India- specific products and in 2016 ten new products are waiting to get launched. This production facility in India would be a proof regarding Amway’s belief in Indian markets and would show its commitment towards ‘’Make in India’’ initiative.

As per Mr Samir Behl, Regional President at Amway Corp setting up of Amway in India would enable individuals and women to realize their potential. It was said that this manufacturing facility in India could handle around Rs 6500 crores as per the demands of  Indian customers. It seems that high quality cookware would soon start rolling from Tamil Nadu’s manufacturing unit soon. Way to go!!

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