An Inspirational story that will give you Goosebumps- the story of Karen Darke, the Paralympic Champion


Karen Darke, the Paralympic champion had won the gold medal in the women’s time trial trios, H1-2-3 and followed it with a bronze in H3 road race. This was the much needed victory for her. Darke who is paralyzed from down the chest had made an unbelievable shot that marked her to the victory.

What could you not do when your aims are high and no matter what comes in your way and Karen Darke is the perfect example for it, the women who has won H1-2-3 time trail in Rio.

Following Karen Darke’s victory in Rio, British Cycling president Bob Howden had congratulated her and also released a statement saying that, “Karen is a truly inspirational character, and I’m delighted that she has now added a Paralympic title to her extraordinary list of achievements.”

He further added that down the years, Karen Darke has really been wonderful as she has given her best performances in British Jersey and once again, she had done it all alone and for herself which marks a sure-shot win for her and not only this, Karen Darke has also made her country proud.

While sea cliff climbing, Darke in an accident had become paralyzed down the chest bust this did not stop her from achieving big things. She took part in many expeditions and had also climbed Mount Blanc and she is also the winner in Para-Cycling world cup.

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