Ananya, 2 year old baby is going through cancer you might be able to help

Ananya, 2 year old baby is going through cancer you might be able to help

A 2 year old baby Ananya is suffering from ‘ALL’ popularly known as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Ananya is born to Prasanna and Mamta, Prasanna is a sales executive in a pharmaceutical company in Bangalore. The little Ananya started losing her appetite and would fall asleep by dusk. Earlier the family thought it to be normal until she began to look anemic and developed fever.

Ananya was taken to doctor and her blood test showed low hemoglobin level and decreasing platelet count. Soon it was tested at Manipal Hospital that she is a sufferer of ALL. When Ananya’s mother learnt that her daughter is a sufferer of cancer, she was herself admitted to hospital. Since Prasanna had to visit hospital regularly, he had to give up his job. While Ananya was in hospital, they had to spend 4 lakhs in a week, nearly selling up every asset they possessed.

Ananya has to be given electrical shocks and adrenaline shots to revive her to normal condition; still she cheerfully plays with nurses and other ward patients. Her parents talked to an 18 year old; suffering through the same and learnt that it becomes unbearable even to walk and to eat. Her parents realized how strong their daughter is.

The only thing that is keeping her away from her recovery is ‘lack of funds’.  She has completed her two cycles of chemotherapy and will now go on for her third cycle. A little contribution from our side might not take away all their troubles but will surely be a helping hand in decreasing the extent of problems, Ananya and her family is going through. Ananya can live her life. Let us all join hands so that the little strong angel can live.

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