Anatomy of Violence: A Deepa Mehta film on Nirbhaya Incident


Anatomy of Violence, a film by Deepa Mehta was based on Nirbhaya incident that happened in Delhi in 2012. The movie was based on the gruesome gang rape happened in a moving bus where the girl was brutally assorted. For the film, Deepa Mehta came quietly to Delhi, shot the movie and went back to Toronto and now the film is being premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this week.

Deepa’s take on the gruesome crime that shook our nation’s conscience attempts to look at the crime from the other side as the film examines the antecedents of the rapists, their family life and their upbringing which led to such brutality, leaving with an horrific incidents and a lurking danger on many lives.

The whole idea behind this tormenting take on the crime against humanity is to explore the psychology that results in such barbaric deeds while the heinous crime is not shown on screen at all.

The film, Anatomy of Violence has been entirely shot in Delhi with the theatre actors of Delhi itself and Seema Biswas is the only known face in film, the actor who has also appeared in Deepa Mehta’s Water and in Cooking With Stella, a film by Dilip Mehta, brother of Deepa Mehta.

Interestingly Dilip Mehta’s documentary Mostly Sunny on Sunny Leone was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival a day before Deepa’s Anatomy Of Violence.

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