Anger is not good for Health: When Radhika Apte got angry on a reporter


It’s not easy to understand Bollywood especially when stars get involved in a controversy when their film is close to release or just released. Newly released movie ‘Parched’ actress Radhika Apte was heard saying to a reporter when she was asked about her leaked scene from the movie.

My friend, I find your question very ridiculous. Controversies are made by people like you who watch and share the video. As an artist, if I am required to do a certain job, I will do it. If you ever come out of your cocoon and look at what people are doing abroad and the way they are not ashamed of their bodies, you would not have asked me this question. People who are ashamed of their own bodies, are curious about other’s bodies. If you want to see a naked body tomorrow, watch yourself in the mirror rather than my clip and then we can talk about it!