Anna Hazare on ABP News’ Press Conference – He is still ready to fight a war with Pakistan even at such an old age of 79 years


Pic: Twitter

India’s one of greatest social activist and follower of Gandhi ji’s principles, Anna Hazare was guest on ABP News’ Press Conference program. A biopic on his life is releasing soon.

Anna is very honest and kind at his heart. He speaks from his heart. He discussed many things and gave all answers bluntly.

Here are the highlights.

He understands that war is not the solution for India and Pakistan but if Pakistan continues to send terrorists to India then he is ready to fight the war at border at even the age of 79 years.

He shared a story as how he lied in school when he was a student and how he convinced his mother to lie as well. After that he has not lied in all his life.

He said he didn’t expect people from his agitation to behave like this after coming to power. This is the reason he is maintaining distance from them.

Though not directly but he indicated that some people were good but they changed after getting power.

Anna said he is still ready to do another agitation against corruption. He also said one Anna is not enough. India needs to have more Anna’s.

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