Anna Swabey – This 25 year old woman passed away due to brain cancer but got her favourite song played during her funeral and is really touching

Pic: Facebook

This is superb touching story that would melt many hearts. Anna Swabey a 25 year old woman had brain tumour. She loved a person named Andy Bell of age 26 and wanted to marry him soon. It was really shocking to hear that she breathed her last before marrying Andy Bell. It is now said that Anna Swabey wanted ‘’The Cup Song’’ from the film ‘’Pitch Perfect’’ to be played at her funeral. As per the wish the song and few others were played and these were later revealed by Anna’s sister.

It must be noted that at wear Valley Crematorium where Anna Swabey’s funeral took place recently Anna Swabey’s favourite song was played and it was really touching. It is important to note that few other songs that were liked by Anna were also played on that day at the crematorium. These songs’’ Smoke on the water like Deep Purple-Leicester Tigers opening song’’, ’’The One by Kodaline’’, ’’Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison’’ plus other songs like ‘’Ho Hey by Lennon and Maisy’’ etc were played. It must be noted that her coffin was white flowers were red, white plus green to indicate Anna Swabey’s love for Leicester Tigers.

The amazing point to note is the amount of people who had come to her funeral to wish her good bye. It included many of her relatives, friends etc. One important piece of information is a charity fund was set up by Anna for the sake of raising money for brain tumour research campaign and 100,000 pounds was collected. Anna Swabey you live in many hearts now.

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