Annu Kapoor: Why an actor who once worked in a textile mill & sold lottery tickets is thankful to his role in Mr. India


The decade 1980’s saw Hindi film industry at its brilliant best and many films released in that decade were simply superb. One film that has caught the attention of many with its out of the world story and brilliant visual effects was none other than the film ‘’Mr India’’ with actors Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in the lead roles.

This sensational film was directed by Shekhar Kapur and bankrolled by Boney Kapoor. In this science fiction film other actors like Amrish Puri, Satish Kaushik, Annu Kapoor etc played good roles to perfection. This movie hit the screens in the year 1987.

Actor Annu Kapoor who acted as Gaitonde a nervous newspaper editor in this film spoke his heart out about many touching incidents of his life. He spoke about his struggles when he was young. Annu Kapoor said how he was born and brought up in the slums and he did very well in his studies and even got 93% in the tenth exams.

He shared his thoughts about many works he had done in the past like working in textile mill and selling lottery tickets etc. He always wanted to become a surgeon and this acting in films just took place. He also thanked his producer Boney Kapoor or BK for giving him a chance to act in ‘’Mr India’’ Annu Kapoor and for Rs 5000 advance he gave.

He also spoke about director Shekhar Kapur who brilliantly directed this film ’’Mr India’’ and how this film changed the lives of lead artistes and others. He expressed his happiness when great actor Amitabh Bachchan spoke about his favourite actors and included Annu kapoor in that list. Superb Annu Kapoor!!

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