Anu Acharya: Person behind Mapmygenome


Anu moved back to Hyderabad from Chicago in 2000. She had too many dreams and hence started a bio-research firm by the name Ocimum Bio Solutions. She Was thoroughly absorbed in doing research for the pharma companies. But, at the back of the mind Anu always had this belief that this research will be bought out by the Pharmas and Ocimum itself won’t be able to make any direct impact on the market by its name.

Hence, over a period of time the idea of Map my Genome started cropping up in Anu’s mind. She proposed a subsidiary to Ocimum as Mapmygenome which eventually got rejected. After, two years of dormant period, Anu self funded this subsidiary and became the CEO and the founder of it. She started downloaded the database needed to study different genes and could manage to get 22,000 samples to study gene expression.


She came up with a fresh approach to studying the genes of a person to understand the health, psychology, risks to various diseases, effect of drugs and lifestyle on health etc. Moreover it can also tell you the risk of diseases you are prone to or if you are taking a drug for blood pressure than how much is that drug working on your genes. So, it is actually the realistic approach of studying your body by decoding the genetic makeup of it.

It is a much needed scientific breakthrough and every one will get benefitted by it. Mapmygenome is a huge project in itself and there was no need to publicize this new startup. It already became the talk of the town before it was launched and no separate marketing strategies were needed to promote it. The Genomepatri’s procedures are very detailed like it will note down your detailed medial history including your family history as well.


Anu Acharya: WebSite | linkedin

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