Anupam Kher Show: Inspiration from ‘Tabu’ & ‘Manoj Bajpai’

Anupam Kher Show Inspiration from Tabu & Manoj Bajpai

Versatile actress ‘Tabu’ and actor ‘Manoj Bajpai’ were guests on the “Anupam Kher Show” today. Both of the guests spoke about many personal things which we found to be very inspiring and thought of sharing with our readers.

Inspiration from Manoj Bajpai

  • He’s son of a farmer. He has six brother-sisters in the family. His father was very enthusiast to make Manoj Doctor and made sure he could get good education. He studied in the hostel and was good in studies though he did not like Math and Physics. He never thought of becoming a Doctor.
  • He was born to become actor. That’s what Manoj believes. He wanted to do good for his family. He loved drinking ‘Soft Drink’ and eating ‘Kebab’.
  • He told his story how he reached Delhi from his home town, without ticket. When reached Delhi, he did dream that one day his posters will be on Delhi’s walls.
  • He worked with Barry John (who taught acting to Shahrukh Khan) & assisted him in teaching kids for which he used to get 1500 rupees as compensation.
  • After 3 years of struggle he was offered Teacher’s position in ‘National School of Drama’ where he always wanted to be placed as Student even after many rejections by them. He told a very emotional story about his father & letter exchanges with him.
  • He spoke about his initial struggle days of Mumbai when there was no income. When he got work, he was encouraged by Film Maker Mahesh Bhatt. When ‘Satya’ happened with Ram Gopal Verma it changed Manoj’s life.

Inspiration from Tabu

  • Tabu’s full name is Tabassum Hashmi. She never wanted to work as stage artist.
  • She used to come to Mumbai for summer holidays. She never wanted to be film actor. Shabana Azmi is her relative.
  • She was very shy and was not very social. She can speak many languages.
  • As Manoj was very passionate for acting but completely opposite to this Tabu was never serious about films.
  • She think her mother is best motivation for her.

Watch video on Color’s YouTube channel as there were many more things which both Manoj and Tabu discussed.

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