Anuradha Bajpai – Co founder of Woodpie

She started off as a software engineer and gradually climbed on to the top. And, as it happens to meet the destiny, the entrepreneurial bug bit her. Hence, Woodpie was born after constant brainstorming. The project got well recognized and appreciated. She was awarded by CISCO Achievement Program for her outstanding work and creation.


Woodpie is a social networking site for avid readers. Here, people get to know about different popular books and can exchange titles and opinions. Woodpie is a platform to connect the people having interest in reading together. You can see what your friends are reading these days. You also can get recommendations of what to read and hence save a lot of time on reading stuff you always wanted to. And, in this whole process you also get to make new friends.


Anuradha and her husband once had gone to a book store to pick up some books. They saw a book titled, “Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps”. They were not sure about how the book is so left it there. One of their friends also bought the same book later and highly recommended reading it to them. They borrowed the book and read it and of course liked it too. Over here on Woodpie, you may not have to buy but may simply think of borrowing. This network gives you an opportunity to borrow a book of your choice from somebody close by.

With determination, dedication and inputs Anuradha learnt the UI designing on her own. The Ingram Content group, which the largest distributor of the books, funded Woodpie to make it happen. So, by converting dreams into reality you often end up achieving something you had never thought of before.

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