Archana Singh: Railway Police gets its first “Lady Dabang” Woman SHO

Archana Singh Railway Police gets its first “Lady Dabang” Woman SHO

In this article,we are going to talk about none other but Archana Singh who has become the first lady Station House Officer (SHO) of Agra Fort, a very crowded station. Thousands of people whether local or tourists pass through this route every single day. She is famously known as “Lady Dabang” by her 1996 batchmates. Gopeshnath Khanna, the SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) who had informed her of her promotion says that she is the perfect candidate for the job. She is also known for her track record of dealing with criminals effectively and dangerous situations.

On her deputation, Archana says that it is a great honour for her and for her 20-year long service at Uttar Pradesh Police. She also says that she will not let down her seniors who have shown confidence in her. She was married to sub-inspector Brijendra Bahadur Singh who was killed in Hamirpur with crossfire during an encounter. She has a simple mantra for success i.e. be punctual, reach the station at 10 a.m. sharp and always be alert and vigilant. And she also intends to zero down the women harassment cases in the Railways.

Archana Singh Railway Police gets its first “Lady Dabang” Woman SHO

Along with her job, she has three lovely children. She was also the anti-eve teaser squad leader of GRP Agra division. She says that women harassment is a bigger menace in our country. Women police officers also feel unsafe in many circumstances. She wants to prevent such cases from happening and protect women cop as well as passengers. She has proved her courage in that job by sincerely managing to rescue and save three women constable who were harassed by a gang of four men while patrolling in June last year in Prashnath.

After reading about this lady, I felt very proud of her and I salute her for her confidence.

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