Are You An Entrepreneur Or a ‘Wantrepreneur’? Must Evaluate Yourself

Failing and succeeding in Entrepreneurship (PP)

Picture Source: Fast Company

Entrepreneurship is catching up everywhere like what happened during IT boom in 1990-2000’s. People in job want to earn more fame and money so want to switch to Entrepreneurship. After getting inspired from success stories from across the globe everyone wants to be same. But truth about this is that Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. It requires:-

1) Passion about what you do

2) Sacrifice of your monthly pay cheque

3) Working 24 x 7

4) Looking for funding or building company funds

5) Building product and reaching to customers

6) Hiring teams, making them believe in you

7) Surviving & innovating in the digital, competitive age

8) Having vision for team and company

9) Handling cross domain issues

So guys it’s no easy to be Entrepreneur. We are not demotivating you but please evaluate yourself so you could not end up becoming ‘Wantrepreneur

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