Artemis Hospital in agreement with Medical Council’s decision to keep away unexperienced doctors from stenting

Artemis Hospital in agreement with Medical Council’s decision to keep away unexperienced doctors from stenting

With the advancements in medical technology, countless lives have been saved and patient care continues to improve with time. Dr Manjinder Sandhu, one of the leading cardiologists at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon believes that the medical procedure of stenting is certainly one of the most remarkable achievements in the field of modern medicine.

Opening a blocked artery with balloons/stents, the procedure is effective in restoring the flow of blood or other fluids in the body. However, the Medical Council of India experts reckon it unnecessary for a number of people who undergo it.

In an attempt to keep a check on unqualified doctors for stenting procedures, a three-member MCI committee headed by Vice-president Dr C V Bhirmanandam met recently in New Delhi to set rules concerning this. As per Dr Manjinder Sandhu of Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, “It is considered a great move that will help patients in seeking second opinions to decide whether they need stents or not. The move is likely to entail a radical change in the healthcare sector .”

“The panel will submit the draft rules to the health ministry in 10 days”, Dr Bhirmanandam said.

The absence of rules regarding stenting has resulted in a number of cardiologists performing this procedure soon after completing DM cardiology. However, the new laws strictly hold that, only the doctors who are qualified and trained adequately would be allowed to perform the procedure of stenting.

According to Dr Bhirmanandam, “Not all cardiologists should be allowed to do this procedure. It’s too risky. They should be trained for at least two years in interventional cardiology either by a senior or through structured fellowships. Countries like the US insist that doctors should have assisted at least 75 cases as assistants before doing the procedure on patients.”

Talking about the conditions apt for performing stenting, New Delhi-based cardiologist Dr Ashok Seth, part of the MCI committee stated, “The procedure should be done when appropriate. In situations where it is possibly or rarely appropriate, a doctor must be able to justify it with necessary documents. Even a diagnostic procedure like an angiogram should not be done without adequate reasons. While standard treatment protocol will be drawn up by a larger group, the committee will now recommend that doctors should have detailed documentation, including videography, of the procedures they do.”

He further added, “There should be adequate space between angiogram and angioplasty unless it is an emergency situation. Patients should be told about the risk and cost in each procedure. This will help patients take a second opinion and make informed decisions.”

Certainly, stenting can prove to be a lifesaver, but it becomes imperative to ensure that it is carried out under certain guidelines to outweigh the risks associated with it.

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