Arun S.Nadkarni – This principal of Govind Ramnath Kare College of Law in Goa has been its principal since 1999 and is highly motivating


Arun S. Nadkarni is very famous person in the field of education and has played great part in the development of many students for many years. This Arun S. Nadkarni completed LLM degree in the year 1984 from the renowned University of Bombay. It must be noted that he got job in Kare College of Law immediately and this college located in Margoa, Goa has been creating many students over the years who have reached great heights in their careers.

It is interesting to note that he has been serving as principal of this law college from the year 1999 and has been able to make superb contribution in the education field with his vast knowledge.

As a member of academic council and committees of Goa University his work is spoken in high regards by many of his colleagues, students etc. Arun S. Nadkrani spoke about how he was able to do his duties as principal for so long. The management of the college provided full support and he gave duties to the teachers who did their work to their potential. He also shared his thoughts on why he chose to do law course.

Arun S. Nadkarni also said that being principal brings greater responsibilities than a teacher as principal must have ability to lead both in administration plus academics. Arun S. Nadkarni also threw light on his contributions for this Kare Law College as he made law course as full time course plus played part in expanding the image of the college. He also spoke about how education developed with the passage of time as these days with the technology playing huge role. Great Arun S. Nadkarni!!

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