Arup Mukherjee: Not just a Police Constable

Representational Picture
Representational Picture

It is often the most ordinary and unassuming individuals that have the gift of big-hearted benevolence. If you don’t believe, then you should spend some time with Arup Mukherjee. This gentleman is generous to a fault because he invests his entire salary of every month on a primary school which is located in a remote area of Purulia district, West Bengal.

By the way, do you know Arup Mukherjee is a police constable by profession?

Well, that’s what makes this story a point of interest.

Arup spends his entire monthly pay towards the school, which is set up by him alone. The school provides education to the children of the Sabar tribe, which is prominently amongst the most backward in the state. And majority of the community has no access to proper habitation or education.

Speaking about his highly noble endeavor, Arup said, “I was moved by the plight of the Sabars and vowed to do something for them. I try to do my best but it isn’t adequate. In Kolkata, I live in the barracks and eat whatever is served there. The school has five classrooms but there are no toilets. Forty students study in this school and all of them live here. I go around collecting donations to provide them decent clothes and food.”

Arup’s colleagues also play part in his endeavor as they also try to pitch in whatever they can. Arup considers the children to be his family and spends time with them every opportunity he gets.

And if you reckon he will compromise with his job for the school, then no. He takes his job as a constable very seriously, and the school is his passion.

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