Ashley Wiles- She does superb work in keeping many tweens active and positive

Ashley Wiles- She does superb work in keeping many tweens active and positive
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It is often said that the age from eight to twelve for girls is very crucial in their lives. Proper guidance is very much needed for the girls at that age. A woman named Ashley Wiles and her organization is doing great help in making those tweens active and positive.

The name of her organization is ‘’Sole Girls’’ and is in North Vancover, Canada. It is now said that this organization is providing training to the coaches in Vancover and apart from that it is also providing a course in places like Toronto and Montreal etc. According to Ashley Wiles the age from eight to twelve is highly important for girls as they would be developing their own identities for themselves.

It is great to note that taking the idea of mentorship to connect with fun based physical activities is the sole purpose now. It is said that a two and half day course would be preparing the coaches to motivate girls to run and feel good. In the year 2013 this Ashley Wiles started this organization ‘’Sole Girls’’ with 15 girls initially and the latest news is this organization is now present in 12 places in Metro Vancover and Kelowna.

It must be noted that the prices and programs differ and had two day program and weeklong summer camps. There are also some programs for the benefit of boys. It is confirmed that the activity rates are low among young Canadian kids and to bring about a change in this aspect Ashley Wiles and her foundation are doing many things now.

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