Austen Hughes innovative way of inspiring people to plant more trees ! He is running ! Find out more


Austen Hughes has a unique way of planting trees for the planet! For this epic adventure starting this month he is planning to travel to each of the 50 US states, by running 50 miles yes! He is going to run and secondly he will be planting 50 trees in each state ! Isn’t it interesting !

Thus by end of it there will 2,500 trees and with him running 2,500 miles. He is also producing less than one pound of landfill waste per month .He is also generating zero edible food waste for this entire trip. He is using his old green 1977 Volkswagen Westfalia which he calls as Turtle.

Austen has done his degrees in Environmental Science and Mathematics from UNC Chapel Hill.He loves to  spend most of his time in running, hiking swimming and working. His other hobbies are photography, reading  writing.He also loves fixing/building things mostly on his Turtle

We can follow and get updates on this project Green Footprints on Instagram,Facebook or his own website.

In order to make this project a  reality, he needs to raise $2,500, $1 for each tree for which he is accepting donation.Through his adventure he wants to promote sustainable living practices. He wants people to lead physically active and ecologically conscious lifestyles.He also wants people to plant trees in their own areas and this will get featured in their website.

This journey is sponsored by Happy Healthy and Free which is 501c3 nonprofit which is lead by adventurer, activist, and humanitarian Rob Greenfield .Rob Greenfield has been inspiring people on sustainable living since 2011.

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