AVN Business Solutions providing fast deliveries in the world of Logistics

AVN Business Solutions providing fast deliveries in the world of Logistics

E-commerce had gained huge popularity these days in India. The term ‘’E-commerce’’ refers to buying and selling of goods by means of an electronic based network or internet. It is now said that this E-commerce boom had led to increased business spirit in the present day youngsters and led to the growth of logistics.

It must be noted that  a person named Nayan Ratandhayara aged 29 having gained enough experience  with the process of logistics  got an idea and of business project named ‘’AVN Business Solutions’’ in the year 2012.

The main purpose of this firm is to provide help to the E-commerce based industries. It must be noted that this Nayan joined hands with another person named Vishal Totla aged 30 and  started AVN Business solution and from 2013 onwards this firm started functioning in Mumbai.

It was during that time these two businessmen found sellers unable to sell due to logistics and many delays in shipping and courier charges caused tremendous of money being lost.

This AVN business solution is now involved in providing solution for business requirements such as digital based marketing , logistical support, packaging materials requirements etc thereby providing great help for many.

It must be noted that apart from Nayan and Vishal others who play great roles for this AVN business solutions progress are Atul Chandak, Shirish Pattanshetty, Ajay seetha and Naveen Udoshi.

It is now said that two products launched by this AVN Business Solutions have become immensely popular over the years. The products named Shipyaari and eRunnerz are highly appreciated for their great work they are contributing.

Small and medium sellers get benefitted by this Shipyaari and here single account and dashboard to utilize multiple courier company services. It is said that its association with 8 leading logistic firms and covering 22000pincodes all over India have been awesome. Intra city deliveries are increased by this eRunnerz and does superb work for financial institutions, impulsive buyers etc.

It is said that algorithms are involved in capturing of data from websites, calculate costs. It is said that this Shipyaari with 2500 clients does great work all over India whereas eRunnerz is confined to Mumbai only and has 75 clients.

From 700 shipments per day in 2015 to now 1500 shipments per day this Shipyaari had grown to huge extent and eRunnerz had done around 2500 shipments. It is confirmed that this AVB Business solutions had grown at the rate of 50% month-on-month.

Expansion plans are there in the next two years and around 3500 shipments per day is expected in the year 2016. It is now said that to survive in the field it is necessary to provide unique services with greater efficiency and this AVN Business Solutions is working towards that. Great news!!

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